Rule Script Traverse Table - Cast or create Variable of type Amount or Number

I have a document with the following structure:

I want to traverse the table, access Fields Description and Amount, and perform some operations and calculations.  I need to make it via script because I have more logic, so prebuild CheckSum does not work for me in order to apply more complex logic.

First I make this single script, I tried to get the sum of the elements. But there are some errors.

How can I create a variable of type Amount, to make the operations properly?  
Something like:  Currency sum = 0;


I put some comments just to verify that I could access the Columns inside the table. The script has no errors.

But once I tried to apply it on test batch. An error says there is no Amount field.

How can I have access to the Columns of my Table?


Thanks in advance.

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    Anzhelika Fedko

    Hi Miguel Carrillo!

    In case you still experience the issue, I'd recommend contacting ABBYY Customer Support Team as described in this guide.



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