How to split every spread in a pdf into two pages(A3 to A4)

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    Yuriy Korotkevych

    Hello Tak,

    To split facing pages (of a book, magazine, etc.) of a PDF document, open it in OCR Editor of FineReader PDF. In it, you can:

    • use the option "Split facing pages"  (Menu "Tools" -> "Options", "Image Processing" tab, Image preprocessing settings section.) to allow FineReader PDF to apply splitting automatically when opening the document;
    • open the document in OCR Editor and use "Split" tool in the "Image Editor", which allows you to run splitting process manually, select specific pages to split, and position splitting line manually.

    To obtain the PDF document with split pages, complete conversion process and save the result as PDF.

    In PDF Editor, i.e. without conversion, splitting facing pages in a PDF in two separate ones is possible only manually. Although there is no dedicated splitting tool in the PDF Editor, you can use a combination of the tools in the "Organize Pages" tab: select the pages that requires splitting, duplicate them, then apply Crop tool separately to the first set of the pages, then to the second one, mirroring the cropping area; and then reorganize the resulting set of pages in necessary order using drag and drop. 

    Hope it helps.

    Best regards,



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