Batch Filter Using Contains instead of Exact for Batch Prefix

When trying to search using the Batch Filter for the Batch Prefix in the Project Setup Station or when searching batches in the Web Verification using 'Batches whose names start with' you have to put in everything that comes at the beginning of the batch name to search. In one of our projects our batches are named 'VendorName - Invoice # - BatchID'. If I want to search just based on the Invoice # I have to first add in the VendorName. It would be a lot more user friendly if it would match on any value within the batch name, so all an end user would need to do is type in the invoice number and it would find the correct invoice, or even put a partial invoice number in.

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    Anton Vakhtel

    Hi Blake,

    I think it should be addressed to our Support Team as a feature request, I will create a ticket from your question.




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