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Dear All:
In project setup station ,when create a Document Definition ,sometimes it will be Document Definition Invalid ,and enabled it .
So I want to know how to solve the problem and why the problem come out.

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    Need a a bit more information but if you're creating a Fix Form, more than likely its on the Static element side. You probably didn't have enough Static element to identifiy the form. If its from a FlexiLayout, It could be a DB connection that doesn't exit on that station.

    Those are some of the typical scenario. If you can tell me exact how you create your DocDef, I might be able to figure out why you have this issue? A copy of your project with DocDef could help too
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    Hi Team,
    I am facing issue while Modify the LineItems Quantity Filed DATATYPE to
    " Number" from "Amount of Money".
    It is throwing error The Document Definition is invalid, Do you want to disable it and continue saving.

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    Frank Delgado

    Hello Nageshwar,

    We can see you have already created a ticket regarding this issue with our Support team.
    Please, let's continue the communication there.


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