Is ICR available for FineReader Engine 11 for Mac?

Hi, I'm working with FineReader Engine 11 for Mac and it doesn't appear that ICR support is available -- TT_Handwriting is not defined, and "ICR" is only mentioned for Windows here https://www.abbyy.com/en-us/ocr-sdk/technical-specifications/. Is there any way to use ICR in FineReader Engine on non-Windows platforms? Or will I have to switch to the Cloud OCR SDK?





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    Hi Peter.

    If you refer to the Specifications → Differences Between ABBYY FineReader Engine 11 for Windows and for Mac OS article of the FineReader Engine 11 for Mac User's Guide, it states that handprinted text recognition functionality is not supported in FineReader Engine 11 for Mac.

    ICR is available, however, in Cloud OCR SDK, as you have already mentioned. Cloud OCR SDK is a platform-independent service which is accessible through Web API, so it can be utilized in Mac OS based applications.

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    Eva Weber

    Please upgrade to Version 12. The version 12 of FineReader Engine for Mac supports ICR since Release 4.


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