FR Engine 12 in docker container error processing multipage documents


I run ABBYY FR 12 engine version FRE12_R4U1_Linux_x64_build_12_4_7_948_part_1366_19

in docker image.

With the one-page documents I do not facing issues.

The problem occurs when I try to process multipart document. The image processing takes some time then I have an error:

[ERROR] - Process finished with error

com.abbyy.FREngine.EngineException: Internal program error:

src/Parallel/ProcessorsHolder.cpp, 482.

Error code: 0x2

            at com.abbyy.FREngine.IFRDocument.AddImageFile(Native Method) ~[document-processor.jar:xxx]

            at com.pega.abbyy.AbbyyOcr.run(AbbyyOcr.java:69) ~[document-processor.jar:xxx]

            at com.pega.abbyy.AbbyyProcessor.process(AbbyyProcessor.java:66) ~[document-processor.jar:xxx]

            at com.pega.processor.BatchProcessor.run(BatchProcessor.java:75) ~[document-processor.jar:xxx]

            at com.pega.processor.BatchProcessor.main(BatchProcessor.java:44) ~[document-processor.jar:xxx]



This error I have when I process sample document enclosed to the FR12 distribution "/opt/ABBYY/FREngine12/Samples/SampleImages/Document Comparison/ABBYY contract original short.pdf"


I execute this in java so there is additional issue that this error is not like java expected.



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