Combining 2 tables into 1

Hi there, i've created 2 separate table elements in flexilayout. Both table have the same column fields. When i export them out i want it to be a single table. Is there any way i can do it via settings or scripts? Appreciate your help in this. Thanks!

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    Adrian Enders

    Scripting, sure. Probably easiest to use a Stage script after Recognition.

    I have to ask, why did you make two tables in FLS with the same columns? 

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    Rahul Kapoor

    Yes, this is possible via scripting using below steps:

    • Count number of rows in 2nd table. Let's assume there are 'n' rows.
    • Add n rows in 1st table.
    • Copy data from 2nd table to 1st, field by field using loop.
    • Only Export 1st table and make 1st table 'not visible on verification'.

    Rahul Kapoor

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    Tan Wei Lun

    Rahul Kapoor Thanks for the suggestion. Are you able to provide the syntax for step 2, adding of n rows to 1st table?

    Currently i'm using the follow but for some reason the loop doesn't seem to be working and additional rows are being added as well.

    string docDec01 = "Document Section 1";

    IField dtTableLastPage = Document.Field (docSec01 + "\\TableLastPage");

    IField dtTable = Document.Field (docSec01 + "\\Table");

    int rowCountLastPage = dtTableLastPage.ItemsCount;

    int rowCountForOrg = dtTable.ItemsCount;


    for (int i = 0; i < rowCountLastPage, i++)


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