Issue with Multi page Repeating group and table output


I am working on Semi-Unstructured form which contains multiple tables with different templates. Created Repeating Group and tables to highlight/identify the elements in FlexiLayout Studio. Elements are highlighting properly when we do Test element on Flexilayout Studio, But when we export the file and create Document Definition in FlexiCapture to verify output, table values are not extracted properly. Few tables values are displayed properly, but facing issue with few where table values are fetched from different tables.

We are using ABBYY 12.

Example: We have table with the heading 'Export Information, Well Information and Water Information' with different table columns. After Running the test under Document Definition Export information table is showing Well information table data or twice with well and water information data. 

Expected result: Export Information table data should be displayed on the output.

Actual Result: Instead of Export Information table data, well or water information table data has displayed on the output.

Kindly let us know if you have any solution for this issue.

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    Collins Sarmento

    In your FlexiLayout, are your search elements mapped to blocks with the same name contained in your Document Definition?

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    Jayalakshmi N


    Thanks for your response. Mapping Blocks and search elements in Flexilayout Studio are proper and each Repeating Groups and table names are different. But after your question we have checked on Document Definition, under fields view Repeating Group Table columns are not exported properly. For few Repeating group columns are not displayed. 

    Example: Export Information table columns are displayed under Well information where we were expected different columns.

    Not sure what's wrong as we mapped Blocks and Search element properly. Could you please help us on this?


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