Flexicapture not exporting additional data "XML Schema"

In the document definition, export properties, data format options, I have "XML Schema" selected under export additional data but this additional file is never created and saved with the image file and the data file.  Has anyone had this type of behavior before?

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    Scott Chau

    It should be in the same folder as the XML file.  You might want to check with support and provide them with your project.

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    Drew Davis

    Hi Scott, 

    I ended up finding a solution.  We originally had the export location listed as a file on a shared drive.  Once I changed the location to be local to the server flexicapture was running on, the XML Schema file started being generated and saved along with the XML and image file. 

    So now I have to export profiles, the regular one where I want the XML and image files saved on the shared drive folder, and another profile that I enable for the XML Schema that saves locally when needed. 




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