Table is well extracted in some invoices with the same template and some not in Flexilayout Studio

Dear Abbyy Support Team,

I am facing an issue in Flexilayout Studio 12 - Build Part # 1299/12.

In some Arabic invoices, I am trying to extract a Table with the following columns(per order):

 ,المبلغ, سعر الوحدة,كمية, وصف البضاعة, 

As you can see in the following project: Table is extracted but columns are not well recognized in all invoices (In some the first column is كمية which is wrong it should be وصف البضاعة ) knowing that the template is the same only data inside the table is changed.

I also tried to convert the pdfs to images and noticed that in the same pdf converted to image: the quality of the extracted data is decreased.

Please advise on the above.

You can find below a copy of the samples used and the project:


Kindly note that I've tried to convert dpi of the images to 300 to check if the results will change but same issue.

Thank you in advance!

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