cannot process page because licensed page limit was reached


I'm working on project with no issue but suddenly I'm start getting the following error "cannot process page because licensed page limit was reached" when loading the documents as shown in the figure below:

Any help is appreciated.


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    Rahul Kapoor

    Please check your license in Abbyy License Manager if there are any pages left.

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    Frank Delgado

    Hi SA.

    I saw you created a ticket for support regarding this matter.
    Since you have a Trial license with a relatively small amount limit of pages, it's likely that you have reached the mentioned limit.
    We will recommend you to contact our Sales representative either to review the possibility of increasing that limit or to purchase a license.

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    Yes Rahul, I have checked that and it's over. Is there any way to increase the page limit?

    I have another licence that still not have been activated yet, Should I activate this license or increase the page limit if there is any way to do that?


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