Web Verification Not displaying on Queue, but is on Batches tab. Verification Station shows both.


Have double-checked that Enable Web Stations on the Workflow tab is checked.

Any idea why this doesn't show?   Have googled and searched Abbyy help, with nothing further than the Workflow tab enabled.

Screen shots.... Batches show on both and in stage Verification, but the Queue tab only shows on desktop


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    Frank Delgado

    Hi Glen,

    Have you double-checked in the Processing Server if the Station is running?

    Also, I read that you mentioned that you checked that Enable Web Stations is checked but...
    Is it checked in the Batch Type properties? or just in the Project Properties?
    As you use a batch type (ITSLineLoader) only Batch Types properties will be applied.

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    Glen Linington

    Thank you, Frank.

    The Batch type was checked, but the processing Server was not running. 

    Thanks again.


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