Combining instances from two repeating groups into one block

I've got a FL which extracts two sections of a payslip which contains a list of descriptions under one heading, then in a separate area of the payslip there's a second list of descriptions under a different heading. These are both currently being extracted with two separate repeating group character string elements, but the data is related and needs to be in a single repeating group text block.

Is there a expression I can use when creating the block to reference all instances from both repeating group character string elements? Apologies if this is a simple request, I only found ways to combine OutputRegions when creating blocks in the help topics/examples, I couldn't find anything about combining OutputInstances for repeating groups.

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    Viacheslav Prodan

    Dear Chris,

    I see that you have not received an answer to your question in the community, so I will create a request on your behalf.

    Best regards,



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