Field properties locked and editing disabled in the Document Definition in FlexiCapture 12.


In Document Definition custom filed properties are locked and cannot be edited by any user even if the user has Administrator permissions.

The issue also may prevent the field training,

Issue is known to occur in project on server but persists in local project exported from server.



Document Definition is corrupted.


Approach 1(recommended).

Update the Document Definition with the backup project copy where the issue is not present.

Approach 2 (workaround, less recommended).

Restore the Document Definition from previous version where the issue is not actual.


In local copy of the project with the corrupted Document Definition do the following:

  1. Open the Templates subfolder in the project folder.
  2. Move or rename the corrupted Document Definition file with .fcdot extension and keep it as a backup.
  3. Create a copy of one of previous Document Definition version .fcdot_ file.
  4. Rename the copy to be the same as original Document Definition, also rename the extension to .fcdot.
  5. Open the project and check if the field properties lock persists.
  6. If the lock persists, try using previous Document Definition version file.
  7. If the lock is removed, make necessary changes to the Document Definition if needed to reflect the changes between older version used for backup and original version. Then update the project on server with the corrected local project copy.




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