How to recognize vertical text in FlexiCapture 12?


How to recognize vertical text in FlexiCapture 12 in all available languages?


The vertical text can be extracted from the documents. For this, additional settings has to be applied in field's properties.

On the General tab of the field which has Can have region option enabled, the Use full-text recognition for quick fill-out (1) option has to be unchecked. This option is used to change the behavior of the program when a verification operator draws or adjusts the region of a field. When this option is selected, the program will prompt the operator to select the value extracted for this field by full-text OCR. Otherwise, the field will be recognized anew.

After that, specify the orientation on the Recognition tab. The orientation has to be set to Vertical (2) with the corresponding direction of the text specified. For more details, please refer to the following screenshot.

Additional information

General field properties

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