How to add permissions to MS Graph for non-admin users ( in case "User consent to apps" can not be enabled)


How to add permissions to MS Graph for non-admin users if enabling User consent to apps setting is not an option for the organization.



  1. Start the setup of MS Graph, and approve it with Admin credentials when prompted
  2. This will create the ABBYY Flexicapture 12 enterprise app within AzureAD Tenant, however, it will give consent for the admin account instead of the end-user account (non-admin).
  3. From there, navigate to the enterprise app and make the following modifications:
    • Under Security > Permissions > Admin Consent, grant consent for the organization. This effectively means that anyone added as a “User” to this enterprise app already has the necessary consent given.
    • Under Manage > Users and Groups, add the accounts for the email addresses that the Flexicapture environment requires, and remove the admin account from there.
    • Then add admin accounts under Manage > Owners.
  4. Returned to MS Graph API setup in FlexiCapture and attempt to configure the Image Import Profile again.

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