FineReader PDF 16 License Server installation failed with the NetFx472Redist error


Installation of FineReader PDF 16 License Server fails with the error message:

The installation was interrupted before ABBYY FineReader License Server could be installed. 

One or more errors have occurred when installing the program. Please contact our technical support service. A detailed description of the error can be found below:

An error occurred while acquiring or verifying the package: NetFx472Redist. 



The cause can be in the corrupted signature of .Net version installed. 


Please follow the steps below to check some details:

  1. Open the path (unpacked distribution kit folder): C:\temp\FR16\Bin\License Server\x64\External Components\DotNet
  2. Check that in the EXE file of .Net two signatures are displayed as valid: 
  3. If both signatures are valid, try to launch the installation from EXE file manually and collect the log files if any error occurs. 
  4. If both signatures are invalid, try to remove the unpacked distribution kit (by default in C:\temp\FR16), download it anew (Download links for FineReader PDF 16) and install the License Server once more.
    Or you can try to install .Net before the installation from the following folder in the unpacked distribution kit: C:\temp\FR16\Bin\External Components\DotNet

If this doesn't help, please contact our Customer Support team and provide us the screenshot of the error, detailed description of the situation and AInfo report


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