Annex pages are not recognized on multi-page documents


  • the document definition is based on a FlexiLayout;
  • annex pages are enabled in the document definition properties;
  • all pages of the document are matched with the document definition, but no annex pages detected even though there are no recognized characters on the annex pages.


There is no Footer set up in the FlexiLayout or the Footer is not reliable.



FlexiCapture uses Header and Footer elements to detect the beginning and the end of a document. If the Footer cannot be found on a document, all pages will be detected as a part of the document and not an annex page, once the Header is found again a new document will be created. The Header should contain elements only from the first page of the document, the Footer - from the last.

If there is no Footer in your FlexiLayout add it from the context menu of Search Elements, if it's present, but there are no search elements inside or the chosen search element can't be reliably found on all documents used for testing, the chosen keyword or search constraints will need to be adjusted (e.g. search for a few unique alternatives, multiple words, multiline keyword, unique separator, etc.) in order for the Footer to be reliably detected. 

Another general recommendation is to use a representative set of documents when testing FlexiLayout as the chosen elements for Header/Footer may be found on one document, but may not be present on another.


Additional information

Header and Footer

Using Header and Footer elements to detect the beginning and the end of a document


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