How to reset login data for MS Graph API for a FlexiCapture 12 Image Import Profile


How is it possible to reset the authorization data for Microsoft Graph API in cases when automatic login was accidentally enabled and no other account could be selected? 


This could be done by clearing the cookies/cache for the authorization page so next time the authorization is performed no previously used authorization parameters are used.

The specific approach depends on the version of ABBYY FlexiCapture 12 used, as follows:

  • FlexiCapture 12 version or prior - default system browser is used for MS Graph authorization, thus clearing cookies and caches for the website should reset the authorisation data. Please, refer to your browser's help section for details on how this action could be performed;
  • FlexiCapture 12 version or newer - embedded WebView used for authorization instead of the system's default browser. To reset its data please navigate to the following folder:
    locate theWebViewDatafolder and rename it to something else (e.g. "WebViewDataBackup").
    Close all the Project Setup Station instances, then open it again and try to sign into MS Outlook from the Image Import Profile options again. The login data should be reset and you should be able to log into the necessary account again.

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