How to activate the FineReader Server 14 license from another computer, if the target computer doesn't have access to the internet


How to activate the FineReader Server 14 license from another computer, if the target computer doesn't have access to the internet?



If the target computer doesn't have access to the internet, it is possible to activate the license from another computer by sending an Activation request via email.

To do it, please, follow these steps:

1. After installing FineReader Server 14, launch the Remote Administration Console. The License Manager window will open OR right-click on the Licensing node in the Remote Administration Console and choose "Add New License":


2. Select Activate with serial number or license file:

Note: this step might be skipped if you chose "Add New License" from the Licensing node.

3. This will launch the Activation Wizard. Enter the license number into the Activation Wizard and click the "Next" button:


4. Choose the "By e-mail from another computer" option from the list and click the "Next" button:


5. You will need to compose an Activation request e-mail message manually, providing all the data required for activation, and click the "Next" button:


Note: Simply copy the text message and paste it to the email body and sent the message to the provided email address like in the example below:


5. You will receive a license file in reply. Save this file to a location of your choice and then go back to the Activation Wizard and specify the path to the license file in the corresponding field in the wizard and click the "Next" button:


Once the activation process is finished, the program is ready to be used.


More information in our documentation:


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    Sorry to disturb you but for my part I change of computer and when I try to activate. It fail
    I have the a voice end serial number. But I don’t arrive to re activate . I try 2 way with internet (recommanded) and on your website. Each time it s the same result

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    Nick Kozlitin


    Before moving your installation to another computer, first, you need to deactivate the license on the old one. Only after this, you can activate it on the new one.

    In case if you can't deactivate your license, please, try to submit a support request:

    Submitting a support request via the Help Center

    We will be glad to help you.


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