How to receive notifications regarding successful and failed conversions in the Finereader Server 14



How to receive e-mail notifications about successfully or unsuccessfully processed documents in FineReader Server 14?



Email notifications regarding successful and failed conversions could be set in Output Profile Settings > Send output file via SMTP server:

To attach input files from failed jobs to failed job notification messages, enable the Attach source files option on the Failed Job tab:

The default reply message for failed conversions contains the <ErrorList> string. This string will be replaced with the error message received during job execution. 

In case of customizing the message body for failed conversions, please, include the <ErrorList> string to the message body in order to receive the error description. If the <ErrorList> string is not included and the message text is not empty, the error description will be inserted at the end of the message.


  1. If the Attach source files option is enabled but the size of the attached file exceeds the size limit used on the e-mail server, the failed job notification message will not be sent.
  2. It is possible to configure processing so that images received on an e-mail server are sent to the same server after processing. However, if there are two e-mail servers and images received on Server1 are sent to Server2 and images received on Server2 are sent to Server1, this can lead to an endless loop as the uniqueness of the message subject cannot be ensured.

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