How to update the license in FineReader PDF


How to update the license information in FineReader PDF? 

Note: The instructions are applicable for Standalone and Per Seat license types.


To update the license parameters and information about the license, please follow the steps below:

  1. Start FineReader PDF;
  2. In the main menu go to Help > About.
  3. Choose License Info...
  4. Select the license > click on the Update button.

5. Follow the instructions in Activation Wizard.

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Updating FineReader PDF

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    David Wallis

    The instructions given above seem to have worked, I think. However the whole process is extremely convoluted and filled with 'missing' or 'outdated' links. The user interface needs to be substantially simplified for the users who may not be a member of a software research group.

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    David Wallis

    Further to the above comment the attached jpeg shows the problem I have in updating the software.

    Hence my comments on the problems with the program. By the way, it works really well, especially with OCR.


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