FineReader Server 14 Release 3 Update 8, build

Part # 1340/30, Build

Release Date: 10.04.2023

  • Modified the logic and corrected some errors in user access control for Indexers and Verifiers.
  • Fixed publishing to documents with aspect ratios different from the aspect ratio of the original document.
  • Fixed an error that caused loss of elements (Page counter and some others) when converting DOCX to PDF.
  • Fixed errors that occurred when installing FineReader Server on an external database using the msi installer.
  • Fixed lost images during conversion to PDF/A.
  • Restored the detection of text orientation in table cells.
  • Language corrections for the Chinese UI.
  • Fixed OCRProccesor crash due to Process the File.
  • Fixed crashed due to low memory when processing certain PDF files bigger than 2 GB in size.
  • Added support for OCR Timeout in the API.
  • Fixed an IPE in Type3FakeFontFile.cpp.
  • PDFs obtained by incorrectly merging multiple PDF documents will now be processed correctly.
  • Fixed incorrect order of text blocks on operator stations.
  • The backgroundColor parameter is now correctly displayed in XML.
  • Fixed incorrect order of table column headers in Hebrew.
  • Several issues with refreshing Oauth tokens have been fixed.
  • Fixed bug with displaying pptx settings in ui.

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