Does FlexiCapture consume page limits for pages which were classified but not recognized?


Does FlexiCapture consume page limits for pages that were classified but not recognized?



The license decreases its counters each time the page is recognized. It is necessary to recognize the page when doing Classification Training first, and then each time the document is processed in a system. Usually, Classification is done on the sample after the recognition as it could not be applied otherwise (the system needs some recognized data to apply the class to a document), in such case for pages Recognized and then Classified only 1 page will be deducted as recognition for this document was made already before Classification began. 
Please note, Recognition page deduction during document processing is separate from that of the Training Classifier, meaning if the page was Trained in the classifier the license counter will still be deducted each time you Recognize the page during processing. However, once recognized, the sample can be matched against different Document Definitions without license deduction.

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