How to obtain the document registration parameters values via script?


How to obtain the document registration parameters values so that the data received can call be sent to another service?



For these purposes, the Document.Properties can be used. In order to get the registration parameters value, you can create an additional script stage. This stage can also be used to pass the data to external libraries / call external API.

In order to create a script stage and obtain the parameter's value, please perform the following steps:

  • Open the Project Properties > Workflow and click +Stage.
  • Select Automatic in order to create a script stage.
  • On the Script tab select Document Processing or Batch processing based on the storage of registration parameters.
    If the value was added to the Batch, then Batch processing has to be selected.
    And if the parameters are added to the document, please select Document Processing correspondingly.
  • In the Script editor, paste the following code to get the parameter's value:
    for Document registration parameter: Document.Properties.Get("myProperty");
    for Batch registration parameter: Batch.Properties.Get("myProperty");

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