Referenced file not found: '<Data set Name>' error fix via the Database


Error message appears when trying to open document definition.

Referenced file not found: '<Dataset Name>' 


The mentioned data set is corrupted.


The corrupted data set can be restored via the Database.

Before any database manipulation, the backup should be created!

1) As the first step, please check [dbo].[Project] to make sure that the correct ID is applied:

2) Then filter the [dbo].[ProjectDBCache] to find out the template IDs and versions:

3) With the next step please modify [dbo].[TemplateVersion]. Please filter the table with the "TemplateId" that was found in the previous step:

Find the latest version for the Document Definition (Name column) and delete this record.
As the last step try to open the document definition, update the data sets, and publish it to get a new ID.



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