FlexiCapture 12 Release 4 Update 3 (Build #

Release Date: May 24, 2023

Build Number:

  • Improvements in log management
    • Added API to download event and security logs in Administration and Monitoring Console
    • Automatic cleanup for Security Event Logs
  • ABBYY FlexiCapture for Enterprises
    • Ability to create Processing Station groups
    • Administrator can train field extraction on Processing Stations instead of the administrator’s machine
    • Option to use subfolders in Hot Folder paths specified as environment variables
    • FCAdminTools: added /CopyDefault parameter for CopyBatchType command
    • FCAdminTools: added FindHotFolders command
  • ABBYY FlexiCapture web applications
    • "Forgot password" option on login page
    • Ability to search text in recognized documents on Web Verification Station
  • General improvements
    • Handwritten text recognition technology now available for German, French, and Spanish.
  • ABBYY FlexiCapture for Invoices in P2P and O2C solutions
    • Better processing performance for documents with lots of line items
    • Updated Receipts projects
  • #502419, 458895: Some projects located on a sever were not visible from Project Setup Station
  • #530791: Some characters with diacritics were shifted to the right when recognizing texts in Thai
  • #522155: A user had to re-enter credentials while working on Web Verification Station
  • #530241: Penetration testing. Vulnerability: Stored DOM-Based XSS
  • #530357: Can't add MS Graph API or IMAP import profiles with OAuth 2.0 using different email addresses
  • #502551: A "Driver is busy" error occurred while initializing the ISIS driver for a USB scanner
  • #537722: An error starting with "ERR_TRS_EXCEPTION_IN_SEARCH c:\users\..." occurred after changing the BU during the verification
  • #524164: An error occurred in the Administration and Monitoring Console when attempting to delete tenants
  • #522009: An "Invalid Object Name "Arbeitskarten" error occurred when exporting or trying to assign fields to external database
  • #529837: A "Violation of PRIMARY KEY constraint PK_«A9D091F_4088EA3B8C$48AD6’. Cannot insert duplicate key in object dbo.PrincipalIds'" error occurred after upgrade from FlexiCapture 12 Release 2 to FlexiCapture 12 Release 4 Update 2
  • #533168, 526428: Encoding problem in the Administration and Monitoring Console. Special symbols were represented as their corresponding codes. FCTools.ShowMessage(" < > : \' ") was shown as Document 1: Page 1 (2): & lt; & gt; : & #39;
  • #515672: In some cases, the task priority drop-down list was empty when sending a task to another stage on Web Verification Station
  • #515947: A "Sharing Violation" error occurred when recognizing documents in some cases
  • #512779: "Continue Line Items" feature didn’t work for Commercial Invoices on Web Verification Station if Business Unit and/or Vendor were not specified
  • #521762: When "Editing" an existing SSO configuration and a new certificate was added the old one was not replaced
  • #505824: Issues with "Put" methods when using WebDAV
  • #521808: Multiple IMAP with OAuth import profiles could not be configured using the same Windows user
  • #519281: Training tasks failed in some cases with no meaningful error message
  • #517927: An "IPE D:\Build\TeamAgent\_work\9\s\Awl\Src\MenuAwl.cpp, 254" error occurred when exporting a trained FlexiLayout for field extraction training batches after upgrading project from FC12.0.3.4222 to FC12.0.4.803
  • #523343: There was a limit on the number of displayed characters in text fields on Web Verification Station
  • #524136: Automatic Task Receive mode did not work on Web Verification Station
  • #522724, 522308, 522064, 522690, 522583, 522364, 521934: No training layout was attached to a training batch after updating a project from to
  • #513476: The following vulnerability has been fixed: CVSS 6.9 (MEDIUM): FUNCTIONALITY ACCESSIBLE WITHOUT SUFFICIENT AUTHORISATION
  • #507369: An "Access Denied" error occurred when Processing Station had incorrect user permissions in the database
  • #507042: The time needed for checking rules for a project with 1000+ batch types has been reduced on Web Verification Station
  • #526199, 533450, 506682: An "IPE "..\DurationalState.h, 77" error occurred during recognition on Processing Station
  • #508252: An "HTTP 500, status message: undefined. Error code: fetchDocumentDataError" error occurred when using dataset lookup on Web Verification Station
  • #451404, 495927; An unexpected error occurred while closing a FlexiCapture task
  • #503988: An "IPE D:\Build\TeamAgent_work\7\s\0\OCRT\DAForms\DAForms\FlexibleTemplateGeneration\LineItemsTraini ng.Line.cpp, 464" error sometimes occurred during recognition
  • #503008: Database deadlock on updating batch statistics and the locking of the related task
  • #511283: Incorrect capture of checkboxes
  • #505988: Checkmarks in a group were assigned random selection values for a group with no actual selection
  • #500922: "notHandledInternalError" on Web Verification Station when scrolling documents of 20 and more pages up or down
  • #503988: IPE LineItemsTraining.Line.cpp, 464 / 466
  • #497136: Remote procedure calls failed when training an NLP batch. Diagnostic Message: 950(0x000006BE) 4030(0x000006BE)
  • #496317, 487256; Checkmarks were recognized incorrectly on some documents after upgrading to FlexiCapture 12 Release 4
  • #539233: FCTools.CurrentUserSession.UserName (Script Rule) could store a value from a previous task
  • #538689: Web Verification Station showed HTML tags inside fields
  • #523150, 522471, 520608: “Hand-printed” text type did not work when used together with “Typographic” text type in “Advanced” recognition settings
  • #527771: Security Event Log showed the role name as “Unknown” instead of the actual name when creating a role in a project uploaded to the server: “Permission added Project: Test1, BatchType: (Default), Role: Unknown(1001).”
  • #484959: IPE D:\Build\TeamAgent\_work\2\s\0\OCRT\PdfTools\Components\PdfTools.Rasterizator.Pdfium\Src\Pdfium Rasterizator.cpp, 458
  • #453958: Inability to export reports from the Administration and Monitoring Console
  • #511424: Most of the checkmark groups in a FlexiCapture project were wrongly recognized as "Multiple Selection."
  • #537935: Poor recognition of handwritten text in Advanced > Hand-printed mode
  • #506233: Internal program error: D:\Build\TeamAgent\_work\5\s\0\OCRT\DocumentProcessing\DocumentProcessing\Src\BlockTemplate.i nl, 47. at ABBYY.FlexiCapture.IDocument.Sav
  • #470596: Trained line items failed to be extracted after upgrading to the latest release of FlexiCapture 12
  • #391645:Some fields were not recognized
  • #396800: The letter "O" was not recognized when it was a part of an IBAN
  • #538124: Field order was not preserved when exporting labeling in FCAdminTools
  • #496317, 487256: Checkmarks were recognized incorrectly on some documents after upgrading to FlexiCapture 12 Release 4
  • #534944: Rule error on Web Verification Station when attempting to get batch registration parameters
  • #510791: Error "An attempt was made to access < File in paged memory> past its end" when attempting to upgrade a project
  • #541051: Incorrect Japanese translation of the priorities list on Web Verification Station
  • #538840: App Servers consumed too much CPU resources
  • #506261: Non-recognizable blocks lead to an error when applying a FlexiLayout in FlexiCapture: "The task failed after the final attempt to execute its subtask failed."
  • #507751, 505143: Excessive memory consumption when recognizing some documents
  • #448805: Web Verification Station: database lookup filled the last instance of a repeating group
  • #503641: “Complete Task" hotkey worked even when the corresponding button was disabled
  • #456486: FCAdminTools: When copying all batch types using the CopyBatchType command, their names became "BatchType<N>."
  • #495927: Deadlocks when adding an editing session
  • #426116: Column order was incorrect when exporting multiple documents into a single XLSX file
  • #479896: Some documents with a large number of pages could not be processed and went to the "Exceptions" folder
  • #499550: Internal program error: E:\TfsBuildAgent\_work\1\s\Build\FineObjects\Inc\Object.h, 344 on Verification Station
  • #483033: "License consumption per project" report was aggregated by weeks even if month aggregation was chosen
  • #421528: The following error occurred during JSON export: "Export to raw json: Internal program error: E:\TfsBuildAgent\_work\25\s\Build\FlexiCapture\Export\Src\JsonExporter.cpp, 1058."
  • #521349, 411222, 288885: Invalid barcode generation in FormDesigner
  • #517470, 484925: Reporting Service: "EditingSecondsCount" did not show the exact time it took to edit a document
  • #540663: MS SQL issue on Web Verification Station: When postponing tasks in the Verification queue, the following error occurred: "Cannot insert the value NULL into column 'Id', table '@selectedBatch'; column does not allow nulls..."
  • #535861: Deadlocks after upgrading to the latest release of FlexiCapture 12
  • #465960: The installation kit showed incorrect "space required" for some of the components
  • #456539: Invoices: The "Total Amount" filed was not recognized on some documents when using "Auto" recognition mode
  • #443798: Differences in the level of section titles when there were several multi-page and single-page sections in a Document Definition
  • #451647: AbbyyZLib did not support files bigger than 2 GB
  • #451549: Web Verification Station: Filtering did not work for postponed tasks
  • #525174: When there were two identical Database Check rules with different sources, only the first lookup was shown even if its rule was disabled
  • #460546: FlexiLayout Studio: Region rendering slowed down and sometimes froze when there were too many regions on a document
  • #493922: Sometimes export to Searchable PDF did not create a text layer outside of the field regions
  • #439733: Sometimes the following error occurred when training a classifier: "Morphology dictionary for the Dutch (Belgian) language was not found."
  • #494484: Exported files were named {empty value} instead of the source filename
  • #537722: Invoices: Error MSG_WORD_IS_TOO_SHORT when filling Vendor data with short values
  • #472466: Error when exporting documents with repeating groups when using the "Save document images" option
  • #465974: Tenant’s authorization window UI was distorted when typing in the form
  • #495927, 503008: Deadlocks when adding a lock on a batch and deleting a session
  • #474306: "Training failed. The RPC server is unavailable" error when training an NLP training batch
  • #507226: Some e-mail bodies could not be converted to PDF (dsie_***.zip)
  • #518672, 497288: Web Verification Station: Dataset vendor search worked differently after upgrading to the latest release of FlexiCapture 12
  • #468093: Incorrect localization of an e-mail notification
  • #441088: FlexiLayout Studio: OCR did not work on some documents when "Prefer PDF text layer if available" recognition mode was selected
  • #482519: Order number was not matched with "Auto" recognition mode
  • #476889: Incorrect checkmark recognition on some documents after upgrading to the latest release of FlexiCapture 12
  • #414328: Sometimes an NLP field was not recognized
  • #479481: Data Type Field Settings are not saved and reset to default settings
  • #445562: On some documents, field regions were not aligned with the extracted text
  • #545444, 546185, 546353, 538157: The setup program asked for .Net Core 3.1 during the installation process even when it was already installed
  • #544512: Could not upload projects created in older version of FlexiCapture 12 into the latest release
  • #495734, 499507: The "Allow multiple selection" option did not work at all when disabled in the data properties of checkmark groups instead of merely displaying a warning
  • #542088: Reporting Service data was sometimes missing
  • #505060: Users were sometimes redirected back to the login page once logged in
  • #544512: Some projects created in an older version of FlexiCapture 12 could not be uploaded to the server
  • #545609: Mistakes in German localization
  • #541051: Mistakes in Japanese localization
  • #538689: Web Verification Station. Fields were populated with HTML tags in some cases
  • #538884: Passwords could be set for users without following all the requirements
  • #534944: Web Verification Station. A rule error occurred when attempting to get batch registration parameters
  • #530791: Recognized Thai diacritics were shifted to the right
  • #511979: "Could not load binary data" error occurred on some documents
  • #524136: Web Verification Station. Automatic Task Receive mode did not work when exploring task queues
  • Recognition logs may be hard to interpret by non-developers when the new technologies are used for processing line items.

Distributed (64-bit)


NLP Module (64-bit)


Standalone (64-bit)


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