How to synchronize the latest training results between different projects or environments?


When developing a project, it may be required to synchronize the training results obtained in the development environment with the current version of the project in production.

What steps should be taken in order to transfer the training results from the development environment to the production?


The synchronization can be performed using CLI for project administration. In order to use training results in a different project or environment, the trained models need to be transferred to that project or environment using the SyncTrainingBatches command.

Note: Only models that have a higher quality than those already present in the target project or environment will be transferred.

Prior to performing the synchronization, please make sure that the following requirements are fulfilled:

  1. Both projects contain the same version of the Document Definition. If the version of a Document Definition in the source project does not match the version of the same Document Definition in the target project, no documents corresponding to the Document Definition in the source project will be copied into the target project. To check the Document Definition version, open the project in the Project Setup Station, click on the Project > Document Definitions… > right-click on the Document Definition > Properties… > General > check the version of the Document Definition.

  2. The Document Definition used in the training batch is present in both target and source projects.
    The CopyDocumentDefinitions command can be used to copy a Document Definition from one project to another.
    The following code shows how the command can be used:

    FCAdminTools.exe CopyDocumentDefinition /Source="https://FCSRV/1/SingleEntryPoint" /Target=D:\Projects\SingleEntryPoint /SourceU=user /SourceP=password /Name="Banking_eng"


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