Processing fails with the error: "An attempt was made to access C:\Windows\SERVIC~2\NETWOR~1\AppData\Local\Temp\6A42A4B9-BB92-474E-A59F-28F782BE1014\1824_filecache\6536-ProductItemsNet_Invoices.bin past its end."


The document processing (or a test of the document definition) fails with the error for all document definitions in the project. The error looks similar to the one below: 

An attempt was made to access C:\Windows\SERVIC~2\NETWOR~1\AppData\Local\Temp\6A42A4B9-BB92-
474E-A59F-28F782BE1014\1824_filecache\6536-ProductItemsNet_Invoices.bin past its end.

The path to the file "ProductItemsNet_Invoices.bin" may be different, but all errors are related to the corresponding filename. 


The file "ProductItemsNet_Invoices.bin" is corrupted. 


The file "ProductItemsNet_Invoices.bin" needs to be replaced with the same file from the default invoice project: 

  1. Find the corrupted file in your project:
    1. If it is a local copy of the project, the path is: <project_name>\Templates\ProductItemsNet_Invoices.bin
    2. If it is a project on the server, the path is: <file_storage_path>\<id>\<project_id>\<file>
      (for example C:\FileStorage\D2267236-A3CB-4312-AF5F-121AE93B5710\project_49\3-49-ProductItemsNet_Invoices.bin0)

      Note: ID values in different environments are different. 

  2. Create a new invoice project using the Project Setup Station. 
  3. Open Document Definition Properties in both projects and in the FlexiLayout tab compare Version. The versions of InvoiceGeneric FlexiLayout should be the same. Example screenshot: 
  4. Get a new file "ProductItemsNet_Invoices.bin" from newly created project from local path (<project_name>\Templates\ProductItemsNet_Invoices.bin)
  5. Copy the file and put it into the project where the file is corrupted.
  6. If the file is copied into the file storage location it needs to be re-named with the name of the file in the file storage. For example, if the corrupted file is named "3-49-ProductItemsNet_Invoices.bin0" the new file also should be named "3-49-ProductItemsNet_Invoices.bin0". 

Note: If the issue happens in the FlexiCapture Cloud, contact our Support Team. 

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