Flow failed. Failure info/error: Connect to token endpoint failed ChilkatLog: --ChilkatLog error during sign in to MSGraph import profile


When signing in to the MSGraph Image Import Profile, the following error is shown: 


The issue may be caused by updating to versions from earlier versions of FlexiCapture 12 without uninstalling the FlexiCapture 12 first.


  1. Download the attached ZIP file with the DLL files inside.
  2. On the machine where the Project Setup Station is installed, navigate to C:\Program Files\ABBYY FlexiCapture 12 Stations and replace the DLL files with downloaded ones.
  3. Re-create the MSGraph Image Import Profile from scratch.

After these steps are done, in most cases, a fix for the Refresh token issue is required as well. Please refer to the following article: Flow failed. Failure info/error: ChilkatLog: RefreshAccessToken: error on fresh setup MSGraph import profile

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