Warning while manually matching a document definition: None of the Document Definition sections has been matched. Unable to match the FlexiLayout.


During recognition, no Document Definition/Section is matched with the document automatically. If a user tries to manually match it, it ends with the following messages:

None of the Document Definition sections has been matched

Unable to match the FlexiLayout...


If no flexilayout is matched, the recognized text layer will be empty as no recognition was done for the document.


As a workaround for such a scenario, one can create an empty alternative in the FlexiLayout that will search for any text on each page. This alternative should be the first on the list and be applied by a flag received from the document's registration parameters. During the very first recognition, this alternative is supposed to be skipped as to not break the original matching logic. Before the verification, the flag should be changed to match the alternative. When the operator receives an unknown document and matches the needed document definition, the empty alternative should be matched, and the text layer should be available then.

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