FineReader Server 14 Release 4 Update 1, build

Release Date: 28.03.2024

Part # 1340/35

Build #

OCR Technologies build # 16.3.614.6


Key improvements

  • Updates to third-party components that include fixes for vulnerabilities.
  • Content Security Policy support
  • “MS SQL Server LocalDB” and “MS OLE DB Driver for SQL Server” are now installed only if the “Server Manager” component is selected.

Updates to third-party components

In this release the following were updated:

  • OpenOffice up to version 4.1.15
  • MS SQL Local DB x64 up to 15.0.4355.3
  • MS OLEDB Driver up to version 18.6.7
  • Libcurl up to version 8.4.0
  • Swagger UI up to version 5.11.0
  • JQuery up to version 3.6.0

These updates include fixes for the latest known vulnerabilities.

Content Security Policy support

The Web API and Document Conversion Service support the use of Content Security Policy.
This policy can be configured in the file: c:\Program Files\ABBYY FineReader Server 14.0\FineReaderServerWS\Web.config

In the <customHeaders> section
In this section you need to specify the line:

<add name="Content-Security-Policy" value="default-src https: http: data: 'unsafe-inline' 'unsafe-eval';" /> 

Here are the default settings, the client can use them or change them if necessary.

Key bug fixes

  • Fixed errors when using the Aggressive detection of vertical text setting, when horizontal text was recognized as vertical.
  • Fixed license registration server
  • Fixing error size of image exceed maximum allowed size
  • PDF and PDF\A versions are set correctly
  • Don’t show the stack for errors in OpenOffice
  • Job Log filtering fixes
  • Fixed a bug in the work scheduler
  • Fixed a bug with text not being placed in frames when exporting to docx
  • Errors in resources in Japanese have been corrected
  • Fixed IPE in RLEImage.cpp
  • Fixed IPE in LinearAlgebra.cpp
  • Fixed IPE in TextColumnAnalysis.Arc.cpp
  • Fixed IPE in ProjectiveTransformationParams.cpp
  • Fixed IPE in FoundTextBlock.cpp
  • Fixed IPE in DocumentAnalysis.Quality.inl


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