Processing fails with "Language.amt was not found" errors


All batches go to exceptions with an error:

C:\Program Files\ABBYY FlexiCapture 12 Stations\ExtendedDictionaries\English.amt was not found in the processing tasks logs.  

The file path might be different if FlexiCapture 12 stations are not installed in the default directory, and the language might not be English (for example, German.amt was not found).



The .amt and .amd files contain dictionaries for the corresponding languages (English.amt and English.amd for the English language). If these files become corrupted or are deleted, any workflow that involves processing documents in this language will stop. 



  1. Mount the FlexiCapture installation image.
  2. Execute the Autorun.exe file on the Processing Station where this issue is present.
  3. In the installation master, select Distributed Installation > Install Workstations > Repair and follow the installation wizard.

If the installation file is not available, please raise a request with Customer Support at


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