How to get accuracy as an output value?


How to get accuracy as an output value in FlexiCapture 12?



The following steps should be applied to get the accuracy as an output field:

  • Edit the Document Definition. Add two service fields and one field Quality.
  • Service Field "all" with Data Source "Document recognized symbols count":
    Service Field "bad" with Data Source "Document uncertain symbols count"

  • And a field "Quality" with a rule:
int all = 0;
int.TryParse(Context.Field("all").Text,out all);
int bad = 0;
int.TryParse(Context.Field("bad").Text,out bad);
int good = all - bad;
Context.Text = System.Math.Round(((float)good / (float)all)*100,2)+"% "+good+" of "+all;
  • Save and publish the document definition. This can not be tested in the document definition editor. A new recognition should be run.
    The results could be the following:

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