How to capture multiline text in FlexiLayout Studio?


How to capture multiline text in FlexiLayout Studio?


FlexiLayout Studio provides two main approaches for capturing multiline text: utilizing the Paragraph or Static Text search elements.

When capturing text that constitutes a logical unit, such as addresses, descriptions, or paragraphs, it is recommended to use the Paragraph element as it was designed specifically for multiline text. This search element also supports advanced properties such as Line count penalty and Spacing parameters to enhance text detection.

To use the Paragraph element, the following steps need to be performed:

  1. In the FlexiLayout Studio, create Paragraph search element
  2. (Optional) Define a search area by limiting elements position on the Search Constraints and Relations tabs
  3. Explore the advanced properties on the Paragraph tab for options like line break penalty and max space length if needed.

If the text to be located is predetermined and spans multiple lines, the Static Text search element can be utilized, as it offers enhanced control over predefined text.

To identify the text using the Static Text search element, please adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. In the FlexiLayout Studio, create the Static Text element
  2. In the Static Text tab, specify the value which needs to be found.

    Note: It is necessary to enclose the desired text within curly braces {} to ensure that FlexiLayout captures text that wraps across multiple lines.

  3. To capture multiline text, check Permit multiline text option
  4. Specify Line break penalty, which sets a penalty for line breaks words.
    The penalty is a number from 0 to 1. The quality of the hypothesis will be multiplied by this number as many times as there are line breaks in the phrase. If line breaks are allowed in the phrase, set this parameter to 1 (multiplying the quality of the hypothesis by 1 will not downgrade its quality).

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