Error 258 appears in FineReader on a machine with CCleaner installed


When ABBYY FineReader is started the following error message appears:
Error code 258.


A conflict with CCleaner software settings.


If CCleaner software is installed on the computer, follow the steps below:

  1. Launch CCleaner.
  2. Click on Registry.
  3. Tick off ActiveX and Class Issues section to exclude it from scanning.
    Important: do not tick on this option in the future to not clean files which are used in FineReader.
  4. Go to Control Panel > Programs > Programs and Features.
  5. Right-click onto ABBYY FineReader, and select Modify > Repair.
  6. Wait until the installation is completed.
  7. Launch FineReader and check if the issue persists.

If CCleaner is not installed on the machine, follow the steps from the article.

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