Settings, part 1. Export to Salesforce, CSV and synchronization in BCR for iOS

In this article, we describe all the settings available in BCR for iOS. 

Premium features

Premium account (available in BCR Free) 
Go to Premium account section to learn about Premium account features and to purchase monthly or yearly subscription. 

Lifetime Premium (available in BCR Free) 
Go to Lifetime Premium section to learn about Lifetime Premium account features and to purchase monthly or yearly subscription. 


To export business cards to Salesforce, you should first activate Premium account for a month or a year. 

IMPORTANT! BCR can export business cards to EnterpriseUnlimited и Performance Edition licenses. Salesforce Professional Edition does not support export from BCR. BCR exports business cards information only to Salesforce Lead.   

  1. After BCR Premium account activationenter your login and password for your Salesforce 
  2. Once you’ve logged inyou will see BCR fields that you can export to Salesforce Lead fields
    If you want to add some more informationyou can do it by pressing “+” button. 

Video-instruction is available here

Export to CSV 

To export business cards to CSV, you should firstly activate Premium account for a month, or a year or you can buy this option separately. 

  1. After BCR Premium account activation (required in BCR Free), select Export to CSV. 
  2. New letter with business cards database in CSV format will be created. 

You can open CSV-file in MS Excel, but in most cases, you need to reorganize data to make it readable. Follow these steps to open the CSV file in the right format: 

  1. Open MS Excel. 
  2. Open new Workbook. 
  3. Go to the Data tab and in Get external data section select From Text. 
  4. Select the required file and click Import. 
  5. Choose the file type Delimited and click Next. 
  6. Select Tab and Comma delimiters and click Next. 
  7. Select the General column data format and click Finish. 
  8. Select where do you what to put the data and click OK. 

Video-instruction is available here

Restore purchases 

If you want to restore BCR subscriptions or purchases, click on Restore purchases. 

You can read the information about installing previously purchased iOS application in this article.

ABBYY Account 

If you want to get access to your business cards database from iOS, Android, or Web, activate synchronization in ABBYY Account: 

  1. Click on ABBYY Account and register by entering your Email address and creating a password. 
  2. After authorization, two new options will appear in synchronization settings: 
    • Enable - it allows to turn on/off synchronization on the current device. If you turn off synchronization, new business cards will not be added to ABBYY account. Thus, they will not be available on other devices. 
    • Via cellular - if this option is turned off, then business cards are synchronizing only via Wi-Fi. If this option is turned on, then business cards are constantly synchronized, via cellular including. 
  3. Check that synchronization is enabled. 

If you want to access the business card database on other devices 

  1. Run ABBYY BCR and go to Settings > ABBYY Account. 
  2. Authorize using data from step 1 of the above instruction. 
  3. Check that synchronization is enabled. 

IMPORTANT! Synchronization is not the same as backup (also available in BCR settings). Once you synchronize several devices, editing business cards on one of them will cause changes on other devices. 

Video-instruction is available here

You can read the information about restoring password from ABBYY Account in BCR for iOS in this article


You can read information about recognition settings, exchange of business cards and card holders in BCR iOS in the next article.

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