Settings, part 1. Export to Salesforce, CSV, and restoring purchases in BCR for iOS


What settings are available in BCR for iOS and what are they for?


In the BCR application the following settings are available:

Premium features

In the BCR Settings, go to the Premium features section to learn about Premium Account features and to purchase a subscription (available in the BCR Free version).


To export business cards to Salesforce, the Premium Account should be activated.

Note: BCR can export business cards to the following Salesforce license types: What types of Salesforce license support export from BCR for iOS. BCR exports business card information only to the Salesforce Leads.   

To start exporting cards to Salesforce, follow the steps below:

  1. In BCR go to Settings > tap Salesforce.
  2. Enter a login and a password for your Salesforce account.  
  3. Once logged in, the BCR fields that can be exported to the Salesforce Lead fields will be displayed
    To add some more information, tap the “+” button. 

Video instructions are available here

Export to CSV 

To export business cards to CSV, the Premium Account should be activated. 

Follow the steps below to export a business cards database to CSV:

  1. In BCR go to Settings > tap Export to CSV. 
  2. Select the Google Contacts or MS Excel option to export the file to one of the listed applications.
  3. A new email with the business cards database in the CSV format will be created. 

When a CSV file is opened in MS Excel, in most cases it is required to reorganize data to make it readable. Follow these steps from the article to open the CSV file in MS Excel: How to open a CSV file with business cards database in MS Excel.

Video instructions are available here

Restore purchases 

To restore a BCR subscription in the app, tap Restore purchases in Settings of the app: Restoring access to the Premium account for ABBYY mobile application.

If the BCR Pro version was purchased, to restore it please install the app as follows: How to install previously purchased iOS application again.

Additional information

Information about recognition settings, business cards exchange, and a cardholder in BCR for iOS can be found in the following article: Settings, part 2. Recognition, business cards exchange, and cardholders in BCR for iOS.

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