Deleting files from Exceptions in WebAPI FRS14


How to delete files from exceptions in WebAPI?


Tasks are deleted in WebAPI in following cases:

  1. Automatically when calling GetJobResult (or GetJobResultEx without DoNotDeleteJob flag);
  2. By calling DeleteJob;
  3. 24 hours after the last call to the results of this task - note that processing results are not deleted (read below).

Files are deleted by the following options:

  1. If XmlResult publishing was turned off, XmlResult will be published but will be deleted when the task is deleted;
  2. If XmlResult publishing was turned on, XmlResult will never be deleted;
  3. If the task is deleted through GetJobResult/DeleteJob, output files are deleted;
  4. In case of auto deleting tasks after 24 hours, output files are not deleted.

For ComAPI the behaviour is the same, except GetJobResult never deletes the tasks. To delete output files in ComAPI one would need to call DeleteJob.

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