How to split the pages flow by multiple bar-code types including «Code 39 without asterisk» type?

We would like to split the flow of pages by multiple bar-code types. There is Code 39 without asterisk type among the bar-codes we need. 

FineReader Server 14 provides an option to divide a pages flow into documents automatically by bar-codes of various types. The automatic bar-code detection works for all bar-code types except for Code 39 without asterisk bar-codes. Code 39 without asterisk bar-codes are detected and recognized only if this type is specified at the Document Separation tab  - see Start a new document from page with barcode → Code 39 without asterisk.

In this case a separation script should be used together with a bar-code Code 39 without asterisk set as a separation bar-code type - see the picture. This way the separation script will separate the pages flow by various bar-code types except by the Code 39 without asterisk type. 


Below you will find a separation script sample which divides the pages flow into documents by bar-codes of Code 128 and Code 39 without asterisk types. The script is developed in JScript:

var code128counter = 0;
var code39counter = 0;

if (BarcodeBlocks.count > 0)
// Making sure that the script will run only for pages with bar-codes
    for (i = 0; i < BarcodeBlocks.count; ++i)
    //count the number of Code39 without asterisk bar-codes
        if (BarcodeBlocks.Item(i).BarcodeType == 3)

    if (code39counter == 0)
    // if there are no Code 39 without asterisk bar-codes in the page
    // verify if there is a Code128 bar-code in the page
        for (i = 0; i < BarcodeBlocks.count; ++i)
            if (BarcodeBlocks.Item(i).BarcodeType == 7)

if (code128counter > 0)
//create a new document if there is a Code128 bar-code in the page
    IsStartingPage = true;

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