Assembly error: "Order pages as follows..."


When recognizing the document, the Assembly error "Order pages as follows..." is shown.


One of the possible causes for the issue is that some of the properties are being missed or specified incorrectly for annex pages or multipage documents.

These settings can be adjusted in FlexiLayout Studio and Project Setup Station/Administrator's Station (Standalone version).


If you are getting assembly errors during Verification or simply running some documents in the Working Batch, consider the following approach to remove the annex pages or adjust to the expected number:

  • Open Project Setup Station/Administrator's Station > Project > Document Definition Properties > Assembly tab > Enable annex pages > Annex Pages minimum/maximum number.mceclip0.png
  • Open FlexiLayout Studio > FlexiLayout tab > Properties > type in the expected number of pages in the allow multi-page documents section.mceclip0.png
  • Furthermore, in Project Setup Station/Administrator's Station for Invoice projects, you can set up the number of annex pages. Document Definition Properties > General tab > Allow annex Pages minimum/maximum number or remove the checkmark if there is no need for annex pages.mceclip1.png

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