How to exclude table headers/footers from the repeating group search area in FlexiLayout Studio


How to exclude table headers from the repeating group search area?


To exclude table headers from the repeating group search area, you can do the following:

  • create a repeating group for headers or footers before the main repeating group;
  • find some keywords that are characteristic for typical header/footer;
  • create regions that cover the whole header or footer area based on typical keywords;


Then in the "main" repeating group that looks for the line items you put all instances of table headers and footers region elements to be excluded on Search Constraints tab as follows:


These constraints should better be placed on the level of group container, so that you don't have to repeat it for every element in the group (container restrictions are applied to all below elements).

After these settings are applied to the search area for multi-paged table line items, it will look like:


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