How to increase OCR quality of color images in the Recognition Server

Sometimes the colored images may be recognized not as good as expected. In such cases we recommend to make the following:

  1. Use the Optimize OCR for Quality setting and increase the OCR quality.
  2. Enable the Convert color and gray images to black-and-white option.
  3. Use the Extract text from pictures setting. If some text would be recognized as a picture this option is useful.
  4. Use the Special processing for technical drawings option if you need to extract text from images with lots of fine details (e.g. from engineering drawings with shading and hatching).


    Some additional processing options are available if PDF files as input.

    5. Go to the Output Format Settings > Format settings for PDF files, choose the Preserve source PDF, enable the Do not modify files with high-quality text layer option and the Thorough mode:


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