When the license page counter is decreased in ABBYY FlexiCapture 12


When the license page counter is decreased in FlexiCapture 12?  


The license page counter is decreased immediately after the recognition stage.

If the document was re-scanned, i.e. the image was re-imported from the folder or scanner, the pages will be spent again. If the images sent for the re-scanning are confirmed without the changes, the pages will not be spent

If, for example, the same image was re-recognized during the Verification, the page counter will not be decreased. But if the new images are being added at any stage, the pages will be spent.

In other words, every page in the batch will be spent from the license, including the annex pages or pages sent to the exception, except the page separators that are being deleted right after the import.

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    Selvam, Prabu

    Hi Anton,

    I have one question with respect to Number of pages burn from the License Page counter.

    Currently, we have 2000 Page count. I am planning to send 35 Pages invoice. If my BOT recognize this invoice, how many pages will be decreased from the total remaining licensed page count ?


    Case 1: Header is in Page 1 and Footer is in Page 35 [Total Invoice pages is 35]

    Case 2: Header is in Page 1 and Footer is in Page 3  [Total Invoice pages is 35]


    I would like to know for the above cases. Based on that, i will send the invoices to BOT.



    Prabu S


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    Anton Vakhtel

    Hello Selvam,

    To search for the Header, Footer, and other required elements (and if not found, make the pages Annex Pages, or Unknown Documents), FlexiCapture needs to recognize the pages first, so, in both example cases, 35 pages will be spent from the license.

    Best regards,

    Anton Vakhtel

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    Selvam, Prabu

    Thanks Anton.. 


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