How to add a drop-down menu to the field in ABBYY FlexiCapture 12


How to add a drop-down menu to the field in ABBYY FlexiCapture 12?


You can add the drop-down menu to the field and set the values that will be available for the Verification operator to choose from by using the Data Set and Allowed Values option in the Field Properties or by using the IField::Suggest method in the rule script.

By using the Data Set functionality

  • Open your Document Definition Properties, go to the Data Set tab and Add a new Data Set.
  • Add the Primary Key column to the Data Set. 
  • Add the column that will contain values.
  • Choose your created Data Set and click View. Add the values.
  • Confirm the Data Set settings:



  • Open the Field properties and go to the Data tab. Click the Edit button near the Validation and set up the Allowed Values using the following properties:




By using this setup, you make the Verification Station allow only specified values for a field. These values will be available when editing the text and suggested as auto-fill options, as well as in the form of the items in the drop-down menu. You can also use the option Treat validation error as warning to allow other than specified values.

By using the IField::Suggest method

  • Open the Rules tab in the Field Properties and add a new Script Rule.
  • Add the following script:
//C# .Net


After adding this rule, specified values will be suggested to the Verification operator from the drop-down menu the same way as above.

To set up the default value, you can specify the Default Value in the Data tab of Field Properties.

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  • Avatar

    Terence Tan

    Hi, Good day

    Do you have a example for retrieving list of values from a column from a MS SQL table and convert it to a list and put it in the iFields suggest method ?


    Thank you

  • Avatar

    Anton Vakhtel

    Hi Terence!

    If you use Data Set functionality for the drop-down list, you can connect the Data Set to the Database and set automatic updates of the Data Set as well.


  • Avatar

    Vinoth Kumar J

    Hi Anton ,

    We have configured multiple fields as "drop down" in "Table Structure" and getting the below error message.

    Could you please assist on this error.
    Hi Anton,
    We received this error message from the log file :

  • Avatar

    Anton Vakhtel

    Vinoth Kumar J Hi,

    I will create a ticket from your comment so the Support Team could request your FlexiCapture project and investigate this issue.



  • Avatar

    Barkat Bashir

    Hi , Anton Vakhtel. 

    I am using the method of Suggest for drop down functionality. what i observe is it sorts the data in Lexicographic manner. It does not display the drop down in the order i am feeding it as i am feeding a sorted list to it but still it suggests in lexicographic manner. 

    Can we customise this so that it will suggest in a manner we feed data to it ?

  • Avatar

    Dmytro Bezus

    Hello, Barkat Bashir

    The suggestion list is filtered every time for any data source.

    Kind regards,



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