How to activate FineReader Server 14

In your Purchase Order to FineReader Server 14, the Purchase Order should include a Serial Number. To apply the Serial Number to FineReader Server 14, here are the Step-by-Step Guide to activate your copy of FineReader Server 14 below here:

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. During the FineReader Server 14 installation process, you will be prompt by the License Activation Wizard to activate your Serial Number:


  1. Enter your Serial Number and then click on the Next button:
  2. Select an Activation method: If you have internet access on your machine, it is recommended to choose “via the Internet (fast, recommend)". If you do not have internet access, please choose the next method that best fit your situation:


  1. If the selected Activation Method you selected goes through successfully, you will receive the "Activation succeeded" message.



Congratulations! You have successfully activated your copy of FineReader Server 14!



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    rajesh cheedalla


      How can I silently activate ABBYY FineReader 14 Single User using the command line? 

    I am trying to automate silent installation and silent activation. Also, silent deactivation as we are planning to install the software in AWS and prepare for instance to recreate and install/activate software if the existing instance goes down. 

    Appreciate your response.

    Thank you

    Rajesh C


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