How to create a Diagnostic Tool file in FineReader Server 14

At times, if Support is not able to locate where an issue is coming from, it is best to collect a Diagnostic file for our Research & Development team to help further investigate the issue. To create a Diagnostic file, please see the Step-by-Step Guide below here:

Step-by-step guide

  1. Right-click on the FineReader Server 14 component and select Run Diagnostic Tool from the menu:


  1. After selecting the Run Diagnostic Tool feature, a Save As window should appear. The Save As window is basically asking you where to save the Diagnostic File. Please save the Diagnostic File to a location path that you are familiar with. In this case, we are saving the Diagnostic File directly onto the Desktop (for easy access):


  1. After saving the Diagnostic file, please go to the location path that you’ve saved the file to and send us a copy of your Diagnostic file requested by your Support Engineer.

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