How to reliably capture elements in FlexiLayout Studio if the image resolution can vary

When the image resolution varies, then the search area of elements based on absolute offsets can miss the required area. To avoid this, the relative offsets, based on the Height/Width of already found elements should be used.

Step-by-step guide

Using absolute relations in dots in FlexiLayout is like that

However, if the image resolution can be different and absolute size in dots can vary, relative offsets can be used, bound to Heights and Widths of already found elements. In this case the image resolution will not affect the offset, as Width/Heights of element will be changed proportionally.

Relative offsets should be set on the "Advanced" tab in the Advanced pre-search relations area.

Only integers could be used, so decimal fractions like (something * 2.5) are not allowed, they should be written as (something * 5 / 2).

If the Advanced relations are used, all simple relations from the Relations tab should be disabled, to avoid any conflicts.

Absolute relations can be rewritten on the Advanced tab as well, just as:

Above: CharacterString.Bottom + 150dt;

More information about FlexiLayout language that is used to write the code in the Advanced pre-search relations can be found in the online Help article or in the FlexiLayout Studio built-in Help.

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