FineReader Server 14 Release 2 Update 1, build

Part #1340/18, build

Release date: 10.08.2020

  • Statistics for large and old files can now be displayed in the “Audit” workflow
  • Filtering for large and old files can now be set up in Document Library 
  • Open API Help is now available online
  • An option to save 2-layered PDF files has been added to the UI 
  • Processing results can now be sent to e-mail addresses chosen based on the contents of the document 
  • The option of logging user sessions is now available in the UI 
  • The Scanning Station now supports several new barcode types
  • Information about the source document is now available in the XML result file 
  • The following information can now be viewed using the APIs: the number of pages for each workflow, the number of total pages for the server, and information about the Processing Stations
  • Users can now specify a location where to store information about jobs sent via one of the available APIs
  • Bad PDF text encoding can now be detected and fixed
  • A new license type is now supported called “online license” - for demo purposes
  • Bug fixes

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