Working with REST API

Watch this video and see how to use FineReader Server Web Services API in a few simple steps.

FineReader Server can be used by using REST API. To configure this workflow:

  1. Connect to the FineReader Server.
  2. Select a workflow: The FineReader Server 14 Web Services API uses a FineReader Server workflow to process image files. See the list of available worflows by using API/workflows endpoint or call the GetWorkflows SOAP method.
  3. Upload a file: Use the API/workflows/{workflowName}/input/file endpoint or call the StartProcessFile SOAP method.
  4. Check the processing state: Use the API/jobs/{jobId} endpoint or call the GetJobStateInfo SOAP method.
  5. Download the result: Use the API/jobs/{jobId}/result endpoint or call the GetJobResultEx SOAP method.

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